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Reconceptualizing the Literacies in Adolescents' Lives Alvermann, Donna E.; Hinchman, Kathleen A.; Moore, David W.; Phelps, Stephen F. and Waff, Diane R.

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ISBN: 0805825592

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The positive use of commercial television with children (Analysis and action series) Potter, Rosemary Lee

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Price: $18.55

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ISBN: 0810616866

Condition: Used; Acceptable

The Divided Academy: Professors and Politics Ladd, Everett Carll

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ISBN: 0070101124

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Social Studies Laboratory: A Study of Equipment And Teaching AIDS for the Social Studies Baldwin, James W.

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Price: $500.00

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ISBN: 0404553710

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First Steps in Teaching Creative Dance to Children Joyce, Mary

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ISBN: 0874845106

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Gateway to Teaching: From Pre-Service to In-Service Enz, Billie J. and Cook, S. J.

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ISBN: 0840383568

Condition: Used; Good